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Compressed Air Systems Products
Dri-Aire offers a full range of refrigerated air dryers and normally has in stock for immediate shipment our models DA-10 to DA-1000. Models DA-25 and larger all include adjustable electric auto drain, metal separator bowl and on-off switch.

We also offer our unique combination aftercooler/air dryer (others call them “Hi Inlet Temp” dryers) that incorporates a true aftercooler along with a refrigerated air dryer. These units can handle 200°F inlet compressed air at 100 PSIG. Standard equipment includes two separators, two adjustable electric drains and an on-off switch.

Also available are our economy line (“ED” series) dryers with float type* drain and no rewarm circuit. “ED” dryers are available in the 25 to 100 CFM range.

*Float drain must be maintained properly by user and is not covered by any warranty once installed due to air line contamination in user’s piping.

  • Standard Dryer Sizes 10 CFM to 2500 CFM
  • High Inlet Air Temperature Dryers
  • Water or Air Cooled Direct Expansion Dryers
  • Water or Air Cooled Chiller Type Dryers
  • Cycling Dryers
Dri-Aire also proudly offers a line of twintower regenerative compressed air dryers in both heatless and external blower purge heated types. Reliability is the keyword with our units.

On our models HL-80 and larger, Dri-Aire uses four independent valves (each controlled by filtered pilot air) rather than a sliding spool type valve. What does this mean to the customer? Less maintenance and less downtime! Our DAHR series twintower dryers range from 6 CFM to 50 CFM. All regenerative air dryers require a coalescing prefilter and particulate afterfilter.

  • Heatless Dryers
  • Blower Purge Dryers
  • Dewpoint Monitors
  • Purge Economizer Controls
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